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Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) Services
Design of electronic boards.
Assembly solutions.
Quality assurance.

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R&D x

We can perform specific studies and feasibility analysis about electronic equipment and systems helping to find the right architectures both in term of performances and cost.

Production x

Eogcorp is an electronic design company basically. The production facilities are not inside the company (the prototype reworking machine are inside only) , the production phase is outsourced to third party.

Testing x

Eogcorp produces test stations and relevant test procedure for the own projects normally, in many case our customers required to develop manual or automatic test set also.

Our Commitmentx

EOGCorp offer a wide spectrum of engineering related services, covering all the design phases starting from the initial sketches of a product up to the full production and logistics services. Our mission is to support our customers in bringing their ideas on the market with the higher excellence and the required quality.

We become partner of our customer giving them all our knowledge, experience and support.

Our values are the Innovation, the People, the Integrity and the Customers. We provides value added services making itself a full solution partner. Our supply chain and technology partners help us in offering a real turnkey product eliminating the needs of multiple interfaces and of managing several different suppliers, a single full solution from a single reliable supplier.

We will also directly manage industrialization, obsolescence management, manufacturing activities, electromechanical design, preproduction activities etc.

Why Choose Us x

Professional Staff

On Time Completion

Save Time and Money

No Hidden Cost

Detailed Estimated

Zero Complaints

Our Competencex

One of our core competence is assisting customers in the long term programs, supporting them from the design of new projects offering technical support for DFM, from prototype to the production and giving the customer guidance and support for obsolete, allocated components and long lead time deliveries.

We are market driven and focus on the customers needs which had led to a more widespread product offering some of which are detailed below:

  • Finding manufacturer parts under customers specification
  • Just-In-Time delivery (JIT)
  • Excess inventory management
  • Value-added services with in House functional testing
  • Procurement of military and commercial off the shelf (COTS) products
  • Long term open orders and cost-down schedule order
  • Sourcing allocated, long lead time and obsolete products
  • Obsolescence management and counterfeit component detection

Industries x







Our Commitment x

EogCorp can assist the customer draft specification documents using the military standards as MIL-STD-810 and its derivates, or directly perform, the qualification test from mechanical (shock and vibration), thermal (operative and storage) and EMI/EMC.

EogCorp can support the customer collaborating to the specification phase. We can laid down documentations for:

– Requirements Specification

– Functional Design Specification

– Detailed Design Specification

– Manufacturing documents

– Design Qualification

Diagram x